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PC & Laptop Repair

Our experts have spent decades fixing everything from the simplest problems like a laptop not charging, all the way to total system failures. To us, there is no problem that can not be solved.

About Our Services

At the heart of your business stands desktop and laptop computers.   We have over 50 years of combined experience in keeping them running.

We offer a variety of ways for service including office and house calls, and drop-offs to our brick and mortar location in Mount Holly, North Carolina. All we need from you is your computer, and an explanation of the problem, and we’ll have your computer back to you in no time!

Problems we solve daily!


Laptop will not charge


Screen not displaying on desktop computer


Cracked laptop screens and cases


And many more!


Hardware Updating

As technology is rapidly evolving, we are seeing that older computer hardware is becoming obsolete in reference to newer programs. We offer ways for you to upgrade your hardware not only for home PC’s but for whole offices! If you feel you or your businesses computers are becoming out dated, as well as many options for new computers altogether!

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