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Data Recovery

Data recovery is very important to us, we offer unparalled options for data recovery and storage. Failing hardware inside your computer, does not mean your data is lost!


Data Recovery and Cloud Storage

We know how important your company, and personal files are to you and your livelihood. We offer a variety of data storage, and recovery options. Hard drive recovery is the most common, but we offer a cloud storage service through Avast managed cloud backups which allows you to have an identical copy of your data on your computer, backed up on the cloud storage system.

Data recovery and storage methods


Cloud storage through Avast


Project sourced data recovery


Hard Drive failure recovery


Corrupted file recovery


Recovering Lost Data

While Avast’s cloud backups are a great option for backing your data up, it can’t save you if you don’t have it at the time of data loss. With that being said, we offer the hard drive recovery option to those who have lost important files, and need them recovered in some way or another. 

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