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Cloud Computing

If you have questions about the cloud, we have answers.  Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Bluehost, managed servers, storage solutions…. just ask!

IT Security

We have partnered with Barracuda Networks and Avast to bring you an uncompromising security solution suite.  Contact us for a free demo!

Computer Repair

At the heart of our business is repair.  Our owners have been repairing computers and building hardware since 1983.  Our staff has been thru the IT industry ups and downs.  Let us diagnose, repair, maintian and upgrade your hardware.

Network Design

Pluggin in a router is easy… until it’s not.  Today’s networks are vunerable and fragile if not set up correctly.  Don’t trust just any equipment, let us show you the benefits of Unifi!

Data Backup and Recovery

Whether you want to guard your data, or need to recover lost data, we have your solution.  Let us help develop a backup and disaster recovery plan so you will not need our industry leading forensic recovery options.  But if you do…. we can retrieve your data!

Cyber Security

Security risks are everywhere for your IT infrastructure and business today.  Our specialist will present a comprehensive cyber security solution for your company.

Strategic Planning

At GTS, we have walked thru startups, growth, mergers and sales of over 100 companies.  We can provide insight on the best IT stratagies for you.